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Scout Badge Party!

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Scout Badge Party! Registration and Deposit

Until further notice...all in-person activities
(including painting, party room, classes, clay play, badge classes etc) are suspended due to Covid-19.

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Scout Badge Parties are a great way to get your art badge and make some really cool stuff you get to keep. We will make a Pinch Pot Turtle, Slab Pot with Top and a Coil Pot Basket with Braided handle. And that's just step one. Everything for step one is included in the price structure below. Instructor & Classroom = $72.00 + tax + (# of children x $10.00 each) = Final Cost of Badge party. 

Clay Badge

  $72.00---($35.00 Classroom Fee + $35.00 Instructor Fee)

+$__.__---(# of Students X $10.00 for supplies)

=______---(Cost of class includes greenware firing

(from clay to bisque))


      $72.00 (Class Fee)

 + $100.00 (10 kids at 10.00 each, Materials Fee.)

 = $172.00 Total (does not include taxes)

 Ceramic Badge

  $72.00---($35.00 Classroom Fee + $35.00 Instructor Fee)

+$__.__---(# of Students X $15.00 For Supplies)

=_____---(Cost of class includes glaze firing)

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